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Twister SceneCut Update 2.0.1

What's new in this version 2.0.1?

  • Twister SceneCut HD 2.0.1 is first free update release for Twister SceneCut HD. This Release contain bug fixes and feature enhancements.
  • Block Move tool to move entire track or time line from selected segment
  • Audio channel setting
  • New shortcut for Mark in Mark out
  • 3GB memory support
  • Code Optimization
32 Bit        
32 Bit Beta     

TwisterPro Update Version 4.1

What's new in this version 4.1?

  • 8 live video inputs
  • 2 DV inputs
  • VGA (with loop out and composite out)
  • 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio (AVI and MPEG input, Output Recording)

Twister™ Lite 2.0

What's new in this version 2.0?

  • Digital VTR with Remote Control
  • SD Tape less File Format Support
  • FX Designer
  • MPEG1 (VCD) recording can be done

Stallio 4.3

New in this update :

  • Multi color fonts in online title option provided
  • Roll up & down button provided.

Stallio 3.4

New in this update :

  • Digi Mix included in this version for instant dubbing.
  • Contrast was not working in previous release. solved in this version.
  • S-Vhs to Comp input & while swaping source there is jurk on output. solved in this version.
  • New effects added in this version.

Genius 3.3

  • The audio related problem is solved in this new version.
  • This upgrade version can be installed directly on Genius Version 1.0 or above version.

Firex 4.0

Fire X 4.0 update for Fire X 3.7 (NO NEED TO INSTALL IN-BETWEEN VERSIONS)


Fire x LE

Fire x Intl Service Pack I