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Update of Stalion 4.0 to Stallion 4.3 :

  • Multi color fonts in online title option provided
  • Roll up & down button provided.

Stallion 4.2 is optional add-on software for Stallion users that comes with exciting features and collection of new exclusive effects. Stallion 4.2 has added latest features to make your video a lot more creative easily. It has more than 400 new effects, 5 sequencers and 1 eye-catching montage sequence.


  • New online title with roll crawl module and logo facility
  • New pillow & Ice cube shape
  • Application layout can be customized and saved for future use
  • Online streaming facility
  • New Titlemix pro
  • Alternate capture path for Mpeg recording
  • Output video in DV AVI or Mpeg format
  • Brand New 400 effects

  • Monarch Stallion Hardware & software
  • 20 GB free space in D drive
  • Free USB port
  • 2 GB RAM
Effects of STALLION Storm I
3D Object
Graphix BG
Motion BG
Offline FXs
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Portrait Photo
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