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XTRIM is software and hardware based product for creating songs, highlights, Titles and all post production work used for all video productions. Most of the transitions and filters run in real time.

  • Ultimate highlights, titles and portrait songs creator for Twister
  • Many ready to use projects
  • Multi client capture options
  • Pause while capturing
  • Batch export projects
  • Almost all transitions run real time
USP of this product:
  • Easy to use interface
  • No need of skilled and experienced NLE operator to operate this product, as required in all the NLE applications.
  • Pause while capturing
  • No need to render,  almost every transition runs real time
  • Creation of songs, Highlights, Projects in about 5 minutes, thus more jobs can be done in a day.

Hardware : This product is add-on for Monarch Twister users, i.e. the XTRIM cannot be used without Twister.

User Inerface : XTRIM is very simple and easy to use; this application is designed in such a way so that it can be operated by a non skilled or non expert non linear editor (NLE) operator because of its user friendly interface.

Applications : With XTRIM, the creation (songs, highlights, titles) can be done as well as all type of post production work including audio layers. Many ready to use transitions (Transition and filter library) are available in XTRIM.

Capturing : Capture the footage from XTRIM (Capture format DV, S-video, Composite) while capturing the footage user can set the mode like On scene change, by time, by frame, by size and no split option and capture mode like DV type 1, DV type 2 and DV audio only. Options like alternate capture path allows user to assign alternate capture path (HDD location) of the HDD. If the local hard disk has no free space, the capturing will automatically start in alternate path assign by user. User can control DV device from DV control option in capture mode available in XTRIM

Editing Modes (Timeline) : Single and A/B mode editing timeline. User can comfortably work with both the timeline as per user’s skill and comfort ability and user can change the timeline mode A/B to single and single to A/B while editing without effecting the project on timeline.

Transitions : Hugh transition library containing Twister transitions (2d and 3D FX) and basic transition like Cross fade, AVI wipe and Lens flare, wipe etc. with live thumbnail preview. User can make category of transition also and can modify and save the customize transition as user can use that transition as per the editing requirement.

Filters : Video filter library containing basic filters like motion path, motion blur, soft focus, light, old film and many more color filters like black and white, colorize, sepia tone, chroma key and invert filter. User can modify/create new customized filters and save as presets.

Basic Effect Setup : Effect setup window is the effect modifier that allows user to modify the transition and filter used in the project. Parameters like placement, scale, rotation, crop etc. can be applied to any layer.

Bin : Bin allows user to store all the clips that needs to be used in the timeline for editing. The project panel can include bins, which you can use to organize project contents in much the same way as folders in Windows Explorer or Mac OS Finder. Bins can contain source files, sequences, and other bins.


Real-Time Saves Time

  • X-Trim is Real-time NLE with 3D effects & video filters.
  • Real-time output to Analog & DV device
  • Real-time export TO MPEG & DV AVI

Export & Print to tape same time

  • Export to Mpeg OR DV AVI and same time Print to tape without rendering for 2 time

Multi Format editing

  • Real time editing of MPEG & AVI from time line
  • Real-time editing of PAL & NTSC same time
  • On the fly frame rate & accept ratio conversion

Dynamic time line

  • AB & single line editing

Built in Media explorer

  • In built Explorer direct drag & drop clip to time line from explorer

Real-time 3D DVE

  • Real-time 3D effects like Cube ,Box, page turn, Cylinder & 3D object

Real-time Video filters

  • Real-time Video filters like Soft focus, Black and white, Sepia, Lance  flare, mosaic, motion blur etc…

Batch Export

  • Export Multiple project in multi format automatically

Ease of use with Flexible Interface

  • Easy to use resizable user interface
  • Customize lay out & save for future use

User friendly Transition & Filter gallery

    It has an easy to use and categorized filter & transition gallery with thumbnail & mouse over Preview. Filters & transitions can be easily dragged & dropped on to the timeline.

Apply Filter to whole track

  • Apply any filter to whole track

Multiple option to import Media

  • Import media Using bin, double clicking on time line.
  • Import Media using built in Explorer

Fast production

  • No need to wait for rendering. Real-time Export to Mpeg & DV AVI

Exclusive Creation with quality output

  • X-trim has mind blowing 3D effects with enhanced quality & texturing.
  • Give Extra ordinary output

NLE for all

  • X-trim is very user friendly NLE application any one can operate
  • Easy to find operators as it has dynamic timeline with AB & single line editing mode.

Complete solution

  • X-trim comes with exclusive portrait song, Highlight tiles & ceremony songs.
  • It comes with eye catching special effects for Indian weddin
  • Allow to create Portrait mixing & full editing

Workhorse for Video editors

  • X-trim has powerful Batch export function which export multi projects one by one automatically
  • Edit projects in day time & export it in night!

Complete hardware software solution

  • X-trim Is specially optimized for Monarch Twister. You will get fast output because of Monarch Twister hardware power.